Zhong Gui (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. (ZG) is the leading IPMS certification company in China. It provides knowledge and expertise in the national intellectual property standards such as Enterprise Intellectual Property Management (GB/T 29490-2013), Intellectual Property Management for Research and Development Organizations (GB/T 33250-2016), Intellectual Property Management for Higher Education Institutions (GB/T 33251-2016). Intellectual property value-added auditing services will enhance the intellectual property management capabilities of enterprises, universities, research and development institutes, service institutions and other innovative related entities.

ZG has a diversified elite team with both intellectual property management and IP audit experience. Its members cover many technical fields such as machinery, electricity, communication, medicine, biology, chemistry, optoelectronics, materials and so on. The members of the team have rich experience in intellectual property planning, protection, commercialization and other related fields. They can provide intellectual property value-added auditing services for organizations.

Since its establishment, ZG has always adhered to the value of "Standard and Decent, Practical and Pragmatic". All employees strictly abide by professional ethics, keep in mind the social mission of "Lighting the fire of innovation with intellectual property assets". Through professional intellectual property services, ZG can help enterprises enhance their core competitiveness of innovation, support construction of powerful nation through intellectual property, and strive to grow into a high-end service brand respected by the intellectual property community.